Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's where I am right now. Aggressive selling and weird confusing names if I ever saw it. Small coffee is called 'Tall', medium is called 'Grande' - and large is called 'Venti'. So I order 'lang' which is dutch for 'tall', just to fuck 'em up some. Panic. Lang? Do you mean VENTI?! I suppose it has to do with their whole image. It has to be confusing, else it can't be STARBUCKS!

Lawls. After that I was asked if I wanted cake, some super special flavor coffee or what-not. After refusal I was told I'd regret it, coupled with an evil glare from the lady trying to sell me the stuff. Hm. Perhaps I should watch out for hitmen.

The place has a certain air however. Of coffee, surely, but the decoration is very mellow. Wood tones and soft green, some art-nouveau type posters on the wall. Sitting in a leather-back chair. I like it.

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