Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oops, zat was not medicine!

Hey there. Since this blog receives a bigger audience, I may as well post this (which is liek, my first actual art post on my arty blog) here as well! Lawlarawr.

I did a 20-minute quick-painting with a friend of mine. The theme was Travelling Doctor.

Here's my 20 minute result:

And here's after I fiddled about with it some more, because I kinda liked where it was going.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's where I am right now. Aggressive selling and weird confusing names if I ever saw it. Small coffee is called 'Tall', medium is called 'Grande' - and large is called 'Venti'. So I order 'lang' which is dutch for 'tall', just to fuck 'em up some. Panic. Lang? Do you mean VENTI?! I suppose it has to do with their whole image. It has to be confusing, else it can't be STARBUCKS!

Lawls. After that I was asked if I wanted cake, some super special flavor coffee or what-not. After refusal I was told I'd regret it, coupled with an evil glare from the lady trying to sell me the stuff. Hm. Perhaps I should watch out for hitmen.

The place has a certain air however. Of coffee, surely, but the decoration is very mellow. Wood tones and soft green, some art-nouveau type posters on the wall. Sitting in a leather-back chair. I like it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The new year is traditionally a time where many people dream. Resolutions they are called. Usually short-lived wishes or dreams to be accomplished in the new year. I have a few myself, but the dreams I named this post after are different.

Namely, my vacation in Sweden! It was lovely. Great people, lots of snow - for better and also a lot of worse, and fun! I was happy to see all them swedish (and a dutch and norwegian one) faces again, and to spend new years with them. The people, not the faces.

However, when I returned home quite tired from the journey and experience and fell asleep after leftover dinner in my own cosy bed…. Before I knew it - the next morning, I was already stressing, sleep-drunk, freezing my butt off waiting on delayed trains, getting assigned new work. Working through that work during the day and returning home at night and realising; what the hell just happened?

It really did feel like a long dream, one you just want to return to. Scary, really. May 2010 make more dreams reality.