Monday, April 27, 2009

Burny stuff.

There. Apparantely CMYK .jpg's aren't liked. Instead of telling me that, fucking up the picture and pretending nothing happened seemed like more fun to Blogger. Read my previous rant below.


In frustration I drew a picture.

I then became frustrated because Photoshop fucked up the red to orange, and the black to grey when saving it to .jpg ... So it lost half of its anger venting properties. Fail. I was planning on uploading it here nevertheless. But to add to my annoyance, when uploading, it decided to turn the red to blue instead. Two colours, whom I do believe, have absolutely NOTHING to do with eachother. I mean. What the hell? And to add to my flameable mood, the children who play RIGHT outside of my window decided to hold a screaming contest just now. Until I calm down, and figure out why Photoshop and Blogspot fail so much, good day.

I'd like things to die now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More concepts and things.

So, here's more conceptual work. It's not really 'for' anything, but more of a study to see how I can come from an idea to a fully fleshed out image, or in this case, a model. Another painting, as you see, up there ^

.. And pictures of an (unfortunately) failed clay model. I'll try to redo it with wax in the nearby future. The photos shot aren't that great, as they were made with my mobile. And God knows how THOSE things work. Anyway, be sure to click it for the BIG view, with the details 'n things.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An update. wOmg.

I haven't updated for ages, and to be fair, I have not felt like it. Past month I've just had a creative low. Haven't done an awful lot. Today I've took a step to change it, and drew up a concept picture. I am not entirely happy with how it worked out, and I intend to draw up some more sketches, and then, hopefully, work it out in a clay model. Basically an active, tangible creative process. From sketches to paintings to model. Something I wished to have more of for my portfolio.