Monday, November 30, 2009

Making a list..

Hot damn. Got some stuff to write, the time to do it, the energy to do it, woo! Last week has been real busy! Evenings at school, from 10 to 10 - and then Thursday on Friday night, the entire night as well - working on the Clickable project. It's not as I had hoped but then again, when is it? I think I hit all the requirements, my player object moves fluently, and it keeps score! It's bugger all original, and the art is a(r)trocious. Ah man, I liked the project, but at the moment, I am relieved it's over. So relieved that I make horrible puns like a(r)trocious!

Right now on my way to the open day at school. Where wannabe students can drool over my and my classmates work. Well, not really, it's more informative and such. The past 2 years I've been going to these things at the HKU. For when I wanted to do something after highschool, then for when I did animation at the HKU, then after I left school, then when I wanted to join Game Design and now when I -do- Game Design. It's great hanging out with college buddies, and talking to new folks - interested in what you do. Nervous pre-graduates, worried parents, and enthusiasts. And weirdo's. Can't forget the weirdo's. The later two are the ones that get in most.

Anyway, with Clickable all but wrapped up my attention can shift to the things I've neglected. Unfortunately, a rather large list. Top on my priorities is a website for a college friend's brother. It's been stewing for two weeks now, and this is a paid project! I feel so bad. Ive always had a lot of trouble concentrating for certain things. Even though I am interested in it, sometimes it just.. doesn't intrigue me _enough_. It's annoying.

Secondly, Project AWESUM! Yes, now I finished Clickable I can steadily continue to pump my life away in AS3 still! I gotta say I am looking forward to gaining a foothold above and beyond what school set for me. I want to make an awesome game of it, and after speaking to our artists and designers - I -love- the style they're setting down. Maybe I pushed them into that direction a bit. But hey! I'm the group leader, damned. I do what I wish! Mwhahaa!

Speaking of group leading. Agh, although sometimes I feel I -must- lead, since everything would run amock without guidance, but it's not a thankful job. And I have a hard time -always- giving my own best for it as well. Mail sent a bit too late, forgetting a meeting. Stuff like that. It's not like I don't want to work on the project, I do very much, but sometimes all the scheduley stuff annoys me. Just look at my irregular and utterly randomly ranted blogposts now and then for proof.

And then, on a shared second place I guess. Although I name Team AWESUM first because of its inherent AWESOMENESS; my other homework! Art history assignments, and John Macco's homeworky stuff. For which updating my log is already a part. Hi there, sir, if you read this. I'm sorry for once drinking boozed up coke in your lesson. But hey! Anarchy! Live for the moment! Woo!
*cough* Moving on. I suppose part of this is also any assignments that went haywire. But since everything so far has gone well, that's a tiny part! The only things I am somewhat unhappy with are still approved of as 'passing' . But I want at least a 'good'! .. Setting goals is good am I right?

Thirdly, and oh man, up to four already and more in sight. This list of neglectance worries me. Updating my own website - the portfolio bugger. Gotta upload -ALL- my notes, blogposts, schoolwork, including each and every art assignment (60 postures of random people, and MORE - not looking forward to scan all that..) All in preparation for the Mid-Year assessment. Where dudes look at you to say you suck or rock. And then possibly tell you to get out of their school with your FILTHY paws. Or praise you, and give you cake. Not too worried about it, and I like cake.

And then.. sweet mother of mary antoinette ( which would be Empress Maria Christina.... number four! Making PRESENTS! Surprises for St. Nicolaas (for the non-Dutchies, a dutch present givin' holiday, catholic origins, it's also a tradition to make 'surprise' packages around the actual gift. As well as adding rhymes.. lots of work). And besides those, presents for my trip to Sweden. For my friiiends! Oh bugger. Work, work, work. But it's all fun, so that's cool.

Yes! So, ah. Bye!


  1. ...Thats one hell of a list! Glad yah got one of the things ticked off it at least.

    Btw what dates you in Sweden? Plans have changed I may bump into you depending how long ya there till.


  2. You know what would help with all the scheduling? An iPhone.

    Yes, I'm spreading salt in your wounds. ;)

    Will Clickable be up for public review later on?

  3. Remember to look forward to a relaxing and AWESOME New Years Eve here in Sweden. Foot massages available on payment.

    Remember what our bro MC Spino Za tells us! Everything is planned and ment to be. So where the fuck are you worrying about?