Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And then this.

Well, pff. It's been a while since I updated my log. It wasn't necessarily that I was being lazy. But well, it just slipped my mind! Work on other things was more prevalent.

Yep, still learning flash and actionscripting. And still working on my ISA-project. Had a meeting or two about it to discuss how to get it rolling. And so it's starting to roll now. That's how I roll. Ah. Ahaha. Yes. Worries about my self-perceived lack of motivation and discipline maintain, but I'm in an 'up' mood at the moment. Here's hoping it lasts. Woo!

Right, all this professional blogging aside; what can I tell you that I haven't yet spoken of? The prudence of Lady Hamilton? Shiprot in 18th century India? The meaning of life through a hamsters perspective, perhaps? So many interesting stories to tell. But let's go with.. *drumroll*


Going to Sweden! Yes! (Not the most inspiring topic. I know you were all waiting for the Shiprot story).. I was offered a ticket by two of my dearest friends in the icy land where penguins and polar bears roam free. My pride reared up and held an inspiring speech about not accepting charity. But then I stabbed him. I love Sweden, my friends over there, and I can't wait to go there again.

When I told my plans to my parents, they decided to take over that charity. So woo! Parent-funded trip! A guilt I can bear. I just hope my presence is as much loved by my mates as it is by me. Now I need to plan in some time to prepare preeesents. At least for the birthdays I missed. I want to give everyone presents - like some freaky lil' beardless santa (hohoho) .. but I doubt I can manage that. Workload and all. But I'll do my.. best. Agh, man, I just know I'm gonna fail that promise.

What's up with that anyway? All those promises and failing them? D'ah. Now.. My train is about to arrive, so unfortunately I cannot speak of the Shiprot in 18th century India. This delightful topic that will warm the hearts of many.. will have to wait.. till later.


  1. Looking forward to having you over again!

    if you want to though we might be able to arrange you to come by ship. Perhaps you can gain some new exciting stories about shiprot that way if we ask them to stay out of port long enough?


  2. Of course we wuuuvs you Belleys!! <3 Get your ass over here!

    And I know that's how you roll... you always roll after all...wuvball *rolls*