Friday, October 30, 2009

And thusly, at school;

Hi guys, from now on.. I'll be posting my school log here as well. That way, there are more updates. And talks you can make less sense of probably. Anyway! Here!

Been a while since the last log entry. Partly due to vacation, and partly due to the fact I couldn't be arsed. For the most part the latter. But sitting in the train for a while each day gives me the possibility to write a short entry again, with few distractions. I still have to update my website to incorporate more weeks and log updates. Still it only reaches to week 6. It has to be done soon, lest I am smited by evil pigeons.

Since I am writing this log in english, and my normal previous, and highly inactive blog is in english as well.. I'll put two and two together, and slam these posts unto there as well. For those reading this on my blogspot, which will be the majority of you (The teachers wouldn't give two shits to read my log regularly I bet), I bid you welcome to the age of semi-frequent updates. Tremble in fear.

Vacation went quick, and nothing much happened. I started WoW again, just for that week for the most part. I already found I have little time to play now school started again. However, in that week my former-minister character returned from her random disappearance (which was school for me, really), and turned herself in for the crime of corruption, and a slight bit of high-treason. It was demons, I swear. At any rate, a trial was held, which was some cool bit of RP, although it lasted eons. Very formal type of RP, and it was a fresh breath between the usual irregular unofficial shit. Of course, its verdict wasn't played out, and I doubt it will be for a very long time. Have yet to hear about it.

So much for WoW. Well, there's more, but I won't bother you reader with all that.

School, the kickoff of a new project. The first game we'll actually make. Exciting, but scary. I want to make something awesome, but I have a feeling that it'll be damned tough. Recently, I've been clocking quite some hours Flash in lessons and practice - but I'm still only doing very basic stuff. I like the action-scripting though, despite my initial, and long-lasted first impression of hatred against the program. Barely spoke to my assigned 'buddy' group, two dudes who I am supposed to work with to iron out concepts, code, art, etc. Each make their own game, but the 'buddy' system is just to encourage working together I suppose. Which is exactly what I do with my actual buddies, who've been a blast to work with as ever. Yep, still having fun at school.

Besides the new project, other school stuff? Well, I -still- haven't written my social inhibitions. I started, but I think I've tried to make too much out of it. At any rate, I spoke to a fellow USAT student; Wesley (belgium guy. Kabouter Wesley!) and we talked about the subject of inhibitions and his perceived lack of them. It was quite an interesting discussion!

Alas, my train arrives! I will discuss it later!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It may be said,

I felt like updating. But this won't be a self-pity post at my own procrastination and apathy! No, sir-ee! It will have actual content and interesting points to make!

Okay, no I don't. Maybe later.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've made a second blog, just for my art and work. Although this blog was originally made just for my own satisfaction of keeping a log - readers (Wherever the buggers seem to have come from) have expressed their discontent at actually -reading- shit. So for your viewing pleasures, kindly redirect you to the empty page over here; which may be updated at some juncture in the future, near or far. A link can also be found somewhere in the about section, roughly that way -> on this page.

I've been keeping myself busy at school, learning the basics of html, css, and php, and soon actionscripting. I enjoy it immensely, and the people dancing about at this educational facility (ie; fellow students) really make every second worth it. I consider myself very lucky to be in their company. Unfortunately for my few readers, school has also sucked my tiny blogging bone dry (in a highly erotic manner, as my phrasing suggests), by forcing me to keep a log about my work involving school. One such as I can only blog so much, before drifting off into a realm of procrastination and apathy. I'm so very masterful of those two concepts, I'd declare myself lord over them! ... Except that, well, I don't care. Maybe later.

To round up; Arkham Asylum is awesome, I am into noir and jazzy blues atm, steampunk remains win, I've started watching Samurai Champloo, its pretty darn cool, I customized my macbook desktop and am blue atm.

Till nextertimes.