Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My grand come-back in updativeness (Which is in fact, NOT really a word, but shh) has been struck down by God, who in his mighty judgement, gave me a cold. But I will not be stopped by some mere virusy sort of thing! No sir'ee! Only death, and ever lurking apathy can stop me!

And the latter most likely will. But until that time, I shall update. In fact, the illness that struck me might even work to my advantage. Unable to stand the brightly coloured moving pictures of games or film, or the loud sounds from most music; some nice calm writing is a most agreeable substitute.

So what have I been up to then? Well for one, I got through the first admission round for art/media school. The Game Design and Development bachelor study that is. Although I was supposed to have my interview (The second round) last week, when I was in France, the kind folks of the school gave me the chance to have my interview next week instead. Tuesday will be the day of reckoning. Cross your fingers for me.

Whether I'll be in school for the following year(s) or not, the rest of the summer is still as an unwritten leaf. Although good friends are coming over, and surely many funs will be had when they do, I have yet to decide what to spend the rest of the summer doing! Hopefully I could get some artsy stuff done, or perhaps find a job more suiting to the direction I'd like to ultimately go in. I have some more stories and concepts brewing, and I'll try to share them as soon as possible, for now I'll go to write on those!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another update! Motoooorcycle man! Brum!

Another update. It's like magic. Like legions of spidery fluteplayers flooding from the depths of the earth. Monsterous bears roaring forth from the forest, banging on gongs and massive drums. The infinite breaths of dragons thundering through brass instruments, their trumpeting heralding the coming of a NEW aaaage!

But most likely nothing as epic as that. I have some things on my mind I'd still wish to share, but for now I'll share some of the artsings I've been up to. The rantings my blog advertises will have to wait.. I've been holding them back from your greedy, needy hands! Back! Back off I say!

Below is one of the concepts I've been working on.

Motorcycle man.

This guy is a true bad-ass. As the son of a factory owner, he witnessed the immense growth of industrial revolution. The power and the strength it brought to his world was staggering.. He also witnessed its downfall. Nature-lovers and hippies along with their twisted flower power magic brought down the factories, and prosecuted the revolutionists.

As one of the hunted industrialists, this man travels on the slowly decaying roads. Across plains, over mountains and through the recovering woods. Shunned, feared, and hated by the governments and people of the world. Driving and living for his freedom, and to keep the fire of industrialism alive.

Donning a heavy leather jacket, a worker's hat, some nice, big-ass goggles, he's a mix between a biker and a 19th century factory-worker. His jacket is adorned with the logo's and brand names of the once grand industrial multinationals, although they slowly start to wear out from the dust rushing past whilst on the road.

Most notably though.. of course is that this guy is so bad-ass.. that he carries around his motorcycle on his back. In fear of having it stolen or sabotaged, and to trespass areas which his chopper can't traverse, he literally chopped up his chopper. Being able to fold it in or out on a whim, he's never more than an inch from his machine. Climbing mountains with the steel monster on his back, or jumping on its saddle in mid-run during a daring escape.. his motorcycle is his heart, and he is one with it.

So much for that concept then! I made it, along with the earlier posted tree concepts, as an experiment. I wanted to try and work out an idea, into sketches, then into paintings and then into a small model. I had a lot of sketches with this idea, but I never quite got into the painting phase. I more or less skipped that, and went straight to modeling. Which turned out okay.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back from le France!

Back from Annecy

Man, I know I don't update a lot. But now I finally got a proper excuse for my absence from last week. I was in glorious France, at the beautiful town of Annecy to attend the International Animation Festival!

A full week of sun, steep hills to climb up and down every day, crystal clear skies and lakes.. and lots and lots of animation films. Very few things in life beat an audience of 3000 animation geeks cheering, laughing, applauding and throwing paper aeroplanes in cinema, on the beat of a tune, the jokes of a movie, or moved to tears by the touching stories told on the screen.

It truly was a magnificent week, and just like last year I am so glad I came. I am filled with inspiration, and I just hope it lasts and I can really use it to get some things done! Like updates. Those would be neat. Totally, yeah.

I will update with ideas I got and pictures I drew later on, but for now.. Here is me endorsing some magnificent french cheese.