Monday, November 30, 2009

Making a list..

Hot damn. Got some stuff to write, the time to do it, the energy to do it, woo! Last week has been real busy! Evenings at school, from 10 to 10 - and then Thursday on Friday night, the entire night as well - working on the Clickable project. It's not as I had hoped but then again, when is it? I think I hit all the requirements, my player object moves fluently, and it keeps score! It's bugger all original, and the art is a(r)trocious. Ah man, I liked the project, but at the moment, I am relieved it's over. So relieved that I make horrible puns like a(r)trocious!

Right now on my way to the open day at school. Where wannabe students can drool over my and my classmates work. Well, not really, it's more informative and such. The past 2 years I've been going to these things at the HKU. For when I wanted to do something after highschool, then for when I did animation at the HKU, then after I left school, then when I wanted to join Game Design and now when I -do- Game Design. It's great hanging out with college buddies, and talking to new folks - interested in what you do. Nervous pre-graduates, worried parents, and enthusiasts. And weirdo's. Can't forget the weirdo's. The later two are the ones that get in most.

Anyway, with Clickable all but wrapped up my attention can shift to the things I've neglected. Unfortunately, a rather large list. Top on my priorities is a website for a college friend's brother. It's been stewing for two weeks now, and this is a paid project! I feel so bad. Ive always had a lot of trouble concentrating for certain things. Even though I am interested in it, sometimes it just.. doesn't intrigue me _enough_. It's annoying.

Secondly, Project AWESUM! Yes, now I finished Clickable I can steadily continue to pump my life away in AS3 still! I gotta say I am looking forward to gaining a foothold above and beyond what school set for me. I want to make an awesome game of it, and after speaking to our artists and designers - I -love- the style they're setting down. Maybe I pushed them into that direction a bit. But hey! I'm the group leader, damned. I do what I wish! Mwhahaa!

Speaking of group leading. Agh, although sometimes I feel I -must- lead, since everything would run amock without guidance, but it's not a thankful job. And I have a hard time -always- giving my own best for it as well. Mail sent a bit too late, forgetting a meeting. Stuff like that. It's not like I don't want to work on the project, I do very much, but sometimes all the scheduley stuff annoys me. Just look at my irregular and utterly randomly ranted blogposts now and then for proof.

And then, on a shared second place I guess. Although I name Team AWESUM first because of its inherent AWESOMENESS; my other homework! Art history assignments, and John Macco's homeworky stuff. For which updating my log is already a part. Hi there, sir, if you read this. I'm sorry for once drinking boozed up coke in your lesson. But hey! Anarchy! Live for the moment! Woo!
*cough* Moving on. I suppose part of this is also any assignments that went haywire. But since everything so far has gone well, that's a tiny part! The only things I am somewhat unhappy with are still approved of as 'passing' . But I want at least a 'good'! .. Setting goals is good am I right?

Thirdly, and oh man, up to four already and more in sight. This list of neglectance worries me. Updating my own website - the portfolio bugger. Gotta upload -ALL- my notes, blogposts, schoolwork, including each and every art assignment (60 postures of random people, and MORE - not looking forward to scan all that..) All in preparation for the Mid-Year assessment. Where dudes look at you to say you suck or rock. And then possibly tell you to get out of their school with your FILTHY paws. Or praise you, and give you cake. Not too worried about it, and I like cake.

And then.. sweet mother of mary antoinette ( which would be Empress Maria Christina.... number four! Making PRESENTS! Surprises for St. Nicolaas (for the non-Dutchies, a dutch present givin' holiday, catholic origins, it's also a tradition to make 'surprise' packages around the actual gift. As well as adding rhymes.. lots of work). And besides those, presents for my trip to Sweden. For my friiiends! Oh bugger. Work, work, work. But it's all fun, so that's cool.

Yes! So, ah. Bye!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And then this.

Well, pff. It's been a while since I updated my log. It wasn't necessarily that I was being lazy. But well, it just slipped my mind! Work on other things was more prevalent.

Yep, still learning flash and actionscripting. And still working on my ISA-project. Had a meeting or two about it to discuss how to get it rolling. And so it's starting to roll now. That's how I roll. Ah. Ahaha. Yes. Worries about my self-perceived lack of motivation and discipline maintain, but I'm in an 'up' mood at the moment. Here's hoping it lasts. Woo!

Right, all this professional blogging aside; what can I tell you that I haven't yet spoken of? The prudence of Lady Hamilton? Shiprot in 18th century India? The meaning of life through a hamsters perspective, perhaps? So many interesting stories to tell. But let's go with.. *drumroll*


Going to Sweden! Yes! (Not the most inspiring topic. I know you were all waiting for the Shiprot story).. I was offered a ticket by two of my dearest friends in the icy land where penguins and polar bears roam free. My pride reared up and held an inspiring speech about not accepting charity. But then I stabbed him. I love Sweden, my friends over there, and I can't wait to go there again.

When I told my plans to my parents, they decided to take over that charity. So woo! Parent-funded trip! A guilt I can bear. I just hope my presence is as much loved by my mates as it is by me. Now I need to plan in some time to prepare preeesents. At least for the birthdays I missed. I want to give everyone presents - like some freaky lil' beardless santa (hohoho) .. but I doubt I can manage that. Workload and all. But I'll do my.. best. Agh, man, I just know I'm gonna fail that promise.

What's up with that anyway? All those promises and failing them? D'ah. Now.. My train is about to arrive, so unfortunately I cannot speak of the Shiprot in 18th century India. This delightful topic that will warm the hearts of many.. will have to wait.. till later.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Battling the encroaching tides of Snoreville.

Writing this on the way back from school. I am so extremely near to falling asleep. I barely slept the past night. I went to bed at 4:30 or 5 or something. Attempting to work on documents I should have started hours earlier. Why? Well, I know why, but it's just retarded. I didn't do the work I was supposed to, so in a ditch effort I tried to keep working on it. But I got distracted, and in the end, in the 5 hours after midnight I attempted to do stuff - I did barely anything. I should take the advice from Ted's mother (In 'How I met your mother') to heart: Nothing good happens after 2 am, so just go to bed.

Motivation remains a problem. Whole thing wouldn't have happened if I just did it sooner. But school inspires some motivation right the fuck back into me. Just came from an inspiring lecture by Karel Millenaar. Awesome dude. Amazing how some people can just enthuse you about stuff.

But now I barely have the energy to follow up on all the creative juices, by that stupid staying-up thing of last night. I feel this creeping tired ache passing all through my muscles. Ugh. But here I am, yet, writing instead of being slumped over in a chair. I need to keep more track. I need to -attempt- to be more in control. I need to remain involved, no matter how tired I am. So the least I can do is keep writing log entries. The very basic of keeping track. So I fight off sleep at least for now. And hopefully for a few hours tonight as well. I need to finish those documents I failed with. Oh boy.

There's all these ideas I have and had about keeping track. Ideas for schedules. Ideas for workmethods. But I never employ them, or only half-assed. I need to really dedicated myself to some stuff, and keep myself in the flow of things. Organise stuff. I know keeping absolute control is impossible, but striving to control and make sense of shit seems like a proper goal.

I think sleepy ranting is probably weirder than normal ranting. Oh well, I'd best stop. Almost at my trainstation. Stayed awake! Hurray! .. Now here's hoping I don't pass out in the metro. Last time I did that, it look half an hour longer to get home.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In der deutschen Zug.

Ah. The luxuries of the German intercity I can occasionally enjoy. It drives the same way as my usual train, except at much larger intervals. Luxuries in the train include.. Silence, legspace, powersockets, german accents through the intercom, and a lady coming by with coffee. There is also a barwagon I believe. Man, shame I'm only in it for half an hour or so.

My writing conditions aside, stuff goes on. Still learning actionscripting - haven't done anything special yet but I can keep up with the lessons just fine. And I'm enjoying it. I should really boost off with the knowledge I have now and actually get to work on the game I'm supposed to build. I still need graphics for one.

Then the out-of-curriculum game, It's been started off. First meeting was rough, and not as I'd have liked. Especially the brainstorm session was a mess. I had advice from others, and I hope to do better next time. But truth be told, I wish I had prepared more for the meeting being held today.
Karel agreed to judge and support us. He's a bad-ass teacher and'll probably point out any flaw we have aggressively. That's a good thing, as I intend to learn from the many fails I'll probably commit.
Other class and year-mates are going to be making an out-of-curriculum game too. I have a feeling we inspired them (ie, they stole the idea) .. We feared that our team of 7 might be too big. It seems they got no problem with such; they're already up to 11. But as Ash - Baguette, pointed out.. Healthy competition is good right?

I've also had ideas floating around my head to make a sort of inspiration wall. Like the motivational posters, only composed of lots of images and quotes that inspire and move me. Filled with internet meme's, pop-culture, and designer wisdom. But it's just another idea on a heap of 'em. I hope I get to do it.. it might inspire me to finish the rest of that idea pile.

All those school and activity things aside. I saw the new Prince of Persia trailer. I wasn't all too impressed. People are saying they're going for a Pirates of the Caribbean sort of vibe. Still, the jokes or w/ever that was in the trailer didn't grab me at all. Not like Pirates had. I think this'd be a bigger success:


Monday, November 2, 2009

The weekend

The weekend has passed once more. Making this the 2nd of november; the birthday of my best mate; Marvin. He moved to Sweden last year, but most of my readers are probably keenly aware of that. Take care in there, fat and -old- guy. One day, one day.. I will make you that painting I promised. I will! Today, the missing of Sweden and all my swedish (and wannabe swedish) friends stings a bit more than usual.

Marvin barges in from adjacent lol.

Also, the second week of project 'Clickable'. Unfortunately not the name of a doomsday device, but just a flash arcade game. Which is cool as well.

To get it off my chest; I didn't do a damn thing this weekend. Lazy bugger, is I. I so promised myself to update my site, write some article, practice on my actionscripting and clean up my room. But none of it happened. Bugger. Instead I played some WoW. I killed off my main character in RP. A lousy death, but a death nonetheless. She didn't interest me anymore and besides, maybe this'll help me -not- play WoW next weekend. Still, it leaves a hollow feeling - like when a character dies in a book or tv-series you've been reading. But more personal and badly written.

Today I'll see if I can go through with the restart of the out-of-curriculum game I had planned. Going to school early to mill things over, before informing the rest. A school-friend, and other project-member; Sjors warned me that I may be inviting too many people. I fear he could be right. I'll probably have to tell people off. Hrm. I just wonder who'd pull their weight and who wouldn't. How big should the team be anyway? Hrm. Should I take it serious, or mellow out more? Things to consider.

Oh, and I finished reading the novel Arthas. I gotta say, I loved the start more than the ending. Which I reckon the whole storyline of this villain will be as well; judging from his performance ever since after The Frozen Throne story.

Friday, October 30, 2009

And thusly, at school;

Hi guys, from now on.. I'll be posting my school log here as well. That way, there are more updates. And talks you can make less sense of probably. Anyway! Here!

Been a while since the last log entry. Partly due to vacation, and partly due to the fact I couldn't be arsed. For the most part the latter. But sitting in the train for a while each day gives me the possibility to write a short entry again, with few distractions. I still have to update my website to incorporate more weeks and log updates. Still it only reaches to week 6. It has to be done soon, lest I am smited by evil pigeons.

Since I am writing this log in english, and my normal previous, and highly inactive blog is in english as well.. I'll put two and two together, and slam these posts unto there as well. For those reading this on my blogspot, which will be the majority of you (The teachers wouldn't give two shits to read my log regularly I bet), I bid you welcome to the age of semi-frequent updates. Tremble in fear.

Vacation went quick, and nothing much happened. I started WoW again, just for that week for the most part. I already found I have little time to play now school started again. However, in that week my former-minister character returned from her random disappearance (which was school for me, really), and turned herself in for the crime of corruption, and a slight bit of high-treason. It was demons, I swear. At any rate, a trial was held, which was some cool bit of RP, although it lasted eons. Very formal type of RP, and it was a fresh breath between the usual irregular unofficial shit. Of course, its verdict wasn't played out, and I doubt it will be for a very long time. Have yet to hear about it.

So much for WoW. Well, there's more, but I won't bother you reader with all that.

School, the kickoff of a new project. The first game we'll actually make. Exciting, but scary. I want to make something awesome, but I have a feeling that it'll be damned tough. Recently, I've been clocking quite some hours Flash in lessons and practice - but I'm still only doing very basic stuff. I like the action-scripting though, despite my initial, and long-lasted first impression of hatred against the program. Barely spoke to my assigned 'buddy' group, two dudes who I am supposed to work with to iron out concepts, code, art, etc. Each make their own game, but the 'buddy' system is just to encourage working together I suppose. Which is exactly what I do with my actual buddies, who've been a blast to work with as ever. Yep, still having fun at school.

Besides the new project, other school stuff? Well, I -still- haven't written my social inhibitions. I started, but I think I've tried to make too much out of it. At any rate, I spoke to a fellow USAT student; Wesley (belgium guy. Kabouter Wesley!) and we talked about the subject of inhibitions and his perceived lack of them. It was quite an interesting discussion!

Alas, my train arrives! I will discuss it later!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It may be said,

I felt like updating. But this won't be a self-pity post at my own procrastination and apathy! No, sir-ee! It will have actual content and interesting points to make!

Okay, no I don't. Maybe later.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've made a second blog, just for my art and work. Although this blog was originally made just for my own satisfaction of keeping a log - readers (Wherever the buggers seem to have come from) have expressed their discontent at actually -reading- shit. So for your viewing pleasures, kindly redirect you to the empty page over here; which may be updated at some juncture in the future, near or far. A link can also be found somewhere in the about section, roughly that way -> on this page.

I've been keeping myself busy at school, learning the basics of html, css, and php, and soon actionscripting. I enjoy it immensely, and the people dancing about at this educational facility (ie; fellow students) really make every second worth it. I consider myself very lucky to be in their company. Unfortunately for my few readers, school has also sucked my tiny blogging bone dry (in a highly erotic manner, as my phrasing suggests), by forcing me to keep a log about my work involving school. One such as I can only blog so much, before drifting off into a realm of procrastination and apathy. I'm so very masterful of those two concepts, I'd declare myself lord over them! ... Except that, well, I don't care. Maybe later.

To round up; Arkham Asylum is awesome, I am into noir and jazzy blues atm, steampunk remains win, I've started watching Samurai Champloo, its pretty darn cool, I customized my macbook desktop and am blue atm.

Till nextertimes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My grand come-back in updativeness (Which is in fact, NOT really a word, but shh) has been struck down by God, who in his mighty judgement, gave me a cold. But I will not be stopped by some mere virusy sort of thing! No sir'ee! Only death, and ever lurking apathy can stop me!

And the latter most likely will. But until that time, I shall update. In fact, the illness that struck me might even work to my advantage. Unable to stand the brightly coloured moving pictures of games or film, or the loud sounds from most music; some nice calm writing is a most agreeable substitute.

So what have I been up to then? Well for one, I got through the first admission round for art/media school. The Game Design and Development bachelor study that is. Although I was supposed to have my interview (The second round) last week, when I was in France, the kind folks of the school gave me the chance to have my interview next week instead. Tuesday will be the day of reckoning. Cross your fingers for me.

Whether I'll be in school for the following year(s) or not, the rest of the summer is still as an unwritten leaf. Although good friends are coming over, and surely many funs will be had when they do, I have yet to decide what to spend the rest of the summer doing! Hopefully I could get some artsy stuff done, or perhaps find a job more suiting to the direction I'd like to ultimately go in. I have some more stories and concepts brewing, and I'll try to share them as soon as possible, for now I'll go to write on those!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another update! Motoooorcycle man! Brum!

Another update. It's like magic. Like legions of spidery fluteplayers flooding from the depths of the earth. Monsterous bears roaring forth from the forest, banging on gongs and massive drums. The infinite breaths of dragons thundering through brass instruments, their trumpeting heralding the coming of a NEW aaaage!

But most likely nothing as epic as that. I have some things on my mind I'd still wish to share, but for now I'll share some of the artsings I've been up to. The rantings my blog advertises will have to wait.. I've been holding them back from your greedy, needy hands! Back! Back off I say!

Below is one of the concepts I've been working on.

Motorcycle man.

This guy is a true bad-ass. As the son of a factory owner, he witnessed the immense growth of industrial revolution. The power and the strength it brought to his world was staggering.. He also witnessed its downfall. Nature-lovers and hippies along with their twisted flower power magic brought down the factories, and prosecuted the revolutionists.

As one of the hunted industrialists, this man travels on the slowly decaying roads. Across plains, over mountains and through the recovering woods. Shunned, feared, and hated by the governments and people of the world. Driving and living for his freedom, and to keep the fire of industrialism alive.

Donning a heavy leather jacket, a worker's hat, some nice, big-ass goggles, he's a mix between a biker and a 19th century factory-worker. His jacket is adorned with the logo's and brand names of the once grand industrial multinationals, although they slowly start to wear out from the dust rushing past whilst on the road.

Most notably though.. of course is that this guy is so bad-ass.. that he carries around his motorcycle on his back. In fear of having it stolen or sabotaged, and to trespass areas which his chopper can't traverse, he literally chopped up his chopper. Being able to fold it in or out on a whim, he's never more than an inch from his machine. Climbing mountains with the steel monster on his back, or jumping on its saddle in mid-run during a daring escape.. his motorcycle is his heart, and he is one with it.

So much for that concept then! I made it, along with the earlier posted tree concepts, as an experiment. I wanted to try and work out an idea, into sketches, then into paintings and then into a small model. I had a lot of sketches with this idea, but I never quite got into the painting phase. I more or less skipped that, and went straight to modeling. Which turned out okay.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back from le France!

Back from Annecy

Man, I know I don't update a lot. But now I finally got a proper excuse for my absence from last week. I was in glorious France, at the beautiful town of Annecy to attend the International Animation Festival!

A full week of sun, steep hills to climb up and down every day, crystal clear skies and lakes.. and lots and lots of animation films. Very few things in life beat an audience of 3000 animation geeks cheering, laughing, applauding and throwing paper aeroplanes in cinema, on the beat of a tune, the jokes of a movie, or moved to tears by the touching stories told on the screen.

It truly was a magnificent week, and just like last year I am so glad I came. I am filled with inspiration, and I just hope it lasts and I can really use it to get some things done! Like updates. Those would be neat. Totally, yeah.

I will update with ideas I got and pictures I drew later on, but for now.. Here is me endorsing some magnificent french cheese.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Long time, no update. Been wanting to write up my affairs for some time, but to lazy/tired/moody for it at the moment.

So instead.

My new shades.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Burny stuff.

There. Apparantely CMYK .jpg's aren't liked. Instead of telling me that, fucking up the picture and pretending nothing happened seemed like more fun to Blogger. Read my previous rant below.


In frustration I drew a picture.

I then became frustrated because Photoshop fucked up the red to orange, and the black to grey when saving it to .jpg ... So it lost half of its anger venting properties. Fail. I was planning on uploading it here nevertheless. But to add to my annoyance, when uploading, it decided to turn the red to blue instead. Two colours, whom I do believe, have absolutely NOTHING to do with eachother. I mean. What the hell? And to add to my flameable mood, the children who play RIGHT outside of my window decided to hold a screaming contest just now. Until I calm down, and figure out why Photoshop and Blogspot fail so much, good day.

I'd like things to die now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More concepts and things.

So, here's more conceptual work. It's not really 'for' anything, but more of a study to see how I can come from an idea to a fully fleshed out image, or in this case, a model. Another painting, as you see, up there ^

.. And pictures of an (unfortunately) failed clay model. I'll try to redo it with wax in the nearby future. The photos shot aren't that great, as they were made with my mobile. And God knows how THOSE things work. Anyway, be sure to click it for the BIG view, with the details 'n things.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An update. wOmg.

I haven't updated for ages, and to be fair, I have not felt like it. Past month I've just had a creative low. Haven't done an awful lot. Today I've took a step to change it, and drew up a concept picture. I am not entirely happy with how it worked out, and I intend to draw up some more sketches, and then, hopefully, work it out in a clay model. Basically an active, tangible creative process. From sketches to paintings to model. Something I wished to have more of for my portfolio.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back from Sweden. And stuff.

I am annoyed at not having updated for a long time. So. Harr! Update!

I suppose I have a fair deal to say, but for some reason I don't care to share it! It's miiine! What I can say is that I am back from Sweden. A while now, but yes. It was an awesome month, and I miss the awesome folks I was being awesome with. Awesome.
I also loved seeing Watchmen earlier. I had been looking forward to it for quite a while, and it complimented the comic awesomely. I've heard mixed reactions from people who were not familiar with the original, but if you know the comic, you'll probably love it.

That'll be it for now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beldak & Vomyr

I haven't updated in a while. Couldn't be arsed. Still can't be arsed to write a substantial amount of text now. So I'll just post another picture instead! Along with the notice that.. I shall now be using another sort of community posty sort of site! I was member before, but noaw, I am.. still a member. But with more stuff posted! Hurrah.

I am of course talking about DeviantART. You cockmongling monkey boy/gal! You should have realized straight away! You shouldn't have needed a link! You horrid little person.


Friday, February 20, 2009

A bit of Fry

One of my most favourite comedians of all time; Stephen Fry. He speaks about his life, his manic depression and all sorts of things. Really shows an insight on him, as well as your own life and mortality. Atleast it did for me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bart 'No-hook' Vries

This is my roleplay character to be. With the previously drawn Kroox as gamemaster, and Soel as the other member of my party. We're yet to roleplay, but since the creation took its time I could draw this up. Bart here is a Rogue - Swordsage. I have no real idea what that actually is, but it sounds totally fucking cool. Also, he has a horribly dutch name. I love it.

Sweden is fun. Yus.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Staying in Swedenlands!


As quoted above. It is Kroax. A quick portrait thingymajig of my gentle host in Swedenlands. The Soel, also my host. Now hovering above my head. Hi dar. She is a bit more elusive and can't sit still long enough for a portrait. Damn you. I shall catch her some time!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

St. Jane's

St. Jane's. The industrious city, built on the foot of one of the greatest mountains in the land, is covered in perpetual smog from the unending divine production of holy metal. The most advanced machines of production and the highest priests of metalurgy can be found here, with high spires built in awe of their trade. All through the city the red lights shine of unending labour, guiding the way for the city's labourers and pilgrims. The many rivers and waterfalls power the city, aswell as providing means to export waste and products all across the known world.

Quite an old image. But posted due to popular request (Thanks ma- I mean, Jun, thanks). Random description added aswell

Friday, January 30, 2009


Totally random picture. The actual point of this update is however, the update! Although a regular update here is not entirely required, and even HAVING this frame to slam my thoughts in makes me a happy man - tree. .. I feel I should at least attempt to keep myself busy.

I haven't updated this blog with any decent textual amount for quite some time! Feeling slightly guilty for this, I decided I should please my humble followers with some wise words. Yeees. Wise words! But before I will, a quick update. I have stopped work now. I am flooded with spare time, have no major obligations or deadlines, and as such. Blessed with all this time, I am growing even lazier than usual. Although my output of shiny pictures and all has not increased, I must say that inspiration for things is growing amazingly! I feel like writing! I feel like painting! Drawing! All of it! It's great, and the only problem standing in my is that I don't actually follow up on these impulses. Yet. Even my lazy bum can't resist rays of inspiration of this magnitude for long. In other news, my trip to Sweden to reunite with my minions is close at hand. Next week I shall skoop up my roots in a nice big pot, and set myself Västerås bound. A month in the chilly north will hopefully spark my activity somewhat, and will, most assuredly, provide a great big deal of fun otherwise. Anyway. Now it is time for those wise words I promised!

Hm-hm. Yes. Uhm.

Brush your teeth.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Self portrait (Thanks marv, thanks)

Realistic self portrait. Despite some artistic flaws, I believe I did capture the essence of my appearance.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, due to popular demand (Thanks marv, thanks) another bike! Kinda.. swamp'ish.. sort of.. bike. I like it. BUT YOU PROBABLY WON'T YOU CYNICAL BASTARD!

Oh, wait, shit. Irony.

Edit: In hindsight, it's not as shiny as the other one, which I still like a lot more

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


For a while now, I've been in a biker mood. I am hardly a biker type. I'm an annoying, shy, uncool brat, but yes, the biker mood has gripped me nevertheless. Hence why I drew a chopper! I'm quite happy with how it came out, in about half an hour work and with as only reference a chopper bike from GTA:SA... which got stolen when I looked away. Anyway, I hope you guys who didn't like my beautiful self portrait (Thanks Marv. Thanks) below, can appreciate this more.

And yes, I totally need to write more here aswell, but bleh.

Friday, January 16, 2009

BECAUSE I CAN. And I hadn't updated with anything viable and good in a while. Not that this changes it. But. Hah. HAH!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Post-Merry Christmas and a Post-happy New Year!

Been a while since my last update. Anyway. Christmas and New years have passed, but I hope you had fun with both! I did aswell. Had a fun time with my family at Christmas, and during New years I was guest to Marv's (Vomyr), where I celebrated new years with awesome folks; including Marv, his mother Linda, his girlfriend Linda, Nooshi, Jorgen.. and many others who I could all list but most people would probably not know anyway. Thanks to them all anyway! There was some drama, which was a shame, but all in all it was a fun celebration.

2009 looks like it's off to an interesting start aswell. With the drama at Marv's place, I came home to a terribly sick mother, closely followed by an equally sick father (Nothing extremely serious, don't worry.) Work was dominated by some strange drama aswell. All in all, yeah. Hm. I wonder how 2009 will work out!

A quick update on what I've been up to artywise.. Since most of the things I am working on at the moment are actually gifts, I can't reveal those. But I can show this altered DVD cover I made for Enishi as a christmas gift! It was fun to work on, and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! Most of the details are probably lost in this picture on the blog, but ah well. Cheers!