Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am writing an article about roleplay, but first a quick note to release my aggression. IN WoW, roleplay sucks DONKEY BALLS. No order, no force, no control, so any form of combat or anything involving another player in public CAN'T be done, unless strictly organized before hand. And then half the players on WoW, even half the roleplayers on roleplay servers, are completely idiots.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Work, and quitting it

It has been a while since my last update. With Christmas, the busy days at work beforehand, the sudden scramble to get presents and the visiting of friends and family in between, I've had other things on my mind. I just noticed my blog again in fact, and felt like writing. Unfortunately I only have about five minutes, until I have to go for inventory at my store. Letter of resignation in hand. Yep, I'm quitting my job. I've worked there for three years, and although with all the stories I hear and the crisis rampaging about, I find myself awfully luxurious to snub it now. But alas, at almost every step in my life I've followed the footsteps of my brother. VWO at school, then to the same college. Bail out the first year. Work at local supermarket full time. Hardly the story I wish to continue, hence my termination of the contract now. Maybe another job. Maybe school again, full time. No distractions, or so I wish. Either way, a change of course. I'll see where it leads. Probably down the drain, as all my other major choices seem to have let me go, but atleast I'll have done it my way.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mother ranting about education, again.

Annoying frikkin' mother. She insists, understandably to have a nice meal together. But naturally she uses this gathering as a platform to launch continuous barely concealed insults at me. 'My, those people at your '''fooormer''' education must be having a lot of fun! Why did you ever leave?' . Something I've already explained half a dozen times to her, but that just won't seem to sink in her thick skull. And when I refuse to answer her (again) she turns insulted, and the whole meal is continued in awkward silence with cutlery being put down on plates just a little too loudly.

She has all right to be concerned about my future. And I can understand her need to want to put me through college. But it is goddamn frustrating at times. The reason I quit was that I was not doing the education for wanting to become an animator, to work on my future. I did it because I felt I had to do something, due to what I was told by classmates, teachers and parents alike. It felt like a continuation of my high-school, enforced education. Despite cooler and shit, with nice folks and some awesome subjects, I was not giving my full 100%, because in the end, I didn't care for something I felt 'pushed' to do. I want to do an education in the future. I really do. But I want it to be ME to decide I NEED an education to get ahead. I want to work out my own life first. Everyone keeps telling me I am a bright boy, well, then, that career won't mind waiting a year or two.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm feeling better, illness is slowly going away, possibly due to massive amounts of vitamine C stuff I ate, and because of friends. Cheers for being nice people!

This is not a large post, but to update, I did manage to stay away from the telly and the food this evening. Going the right way atleast : > I spent most of the time on my daily sketch. Generally small, but it was going quite well so I kept at it. But gotta be up early tomorrow, so here's as far as I got. Might continue, I quite liked it : > For now, I am off to bed. Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Late night pondering

Late at night again. When most sane people have gone to bed, I sit awake due to my twisted biological clock. Usually at this time I am watching late time comedy on Comedy Central, eating sandwiches with my numb skull. It's a horribly idiotic habit, caused by too much WoW, lack of discipline and no need to wake up early. The food I eat at these hours can't be digested before sleep leaving me to probably grow fat, or at least feel it's rotting in my gut the next day. Disturbing, but I lack the willpower to get rid of that habit. And until I find that willpower, I feel I should just sit there, lifeless, self pitying wreck I trust am. It just leaves to wonder when I will find that power to do something against it.

Perhaps writing is as good a first step as any. I shall attempt to update each day, or night, more like. When I once again sit awake where I should sleep, I'll try to think back to the blog to distract me, and update with whatever I may come up with. Most of the time, cycling back and forth from work, my mind churns with ideas of what I may be able to do, or write about on this new blog. If I can just capture one a day, write about it at night, in a year, I'll have a plenty big archive to read back on.

Here's hoping.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Inspired by Junaid's self portrait, I decided to try one myself. About 40 minutes, photoshop. Not all to happy with it, oh well. Check out Junaid's blog, he has a manly chin. And can draw some stickfigures aswell.

No, seriously, he's pretty damn neat : >

In other news, I'll try to update with more emotional and deeply touching personal stories.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Break from work

Here I sit, on break from my work. Fifteen minutes left till I have to cycle back and slave away till my second break! Saying it like that, it doesn't seem all to bad at all. Most likely I've got 7 hours in total left till I'm off duty. Unfortunately I'll have to follow it up tomorrow with some hours as well, fortunately being paid extra for it being a sunday. I'm slightly ill. Sore throat and bit of a headache, something that isn't to unusual this time of year. Otherwise I'm fine.

My time of not being at school and working full time gives me enough time to think about things, and it's about time I write them down. Maybe I can read back at some point, and figure out why I do or don't do things. Should prove to be an interesting insight. At work I usually ponder about some strange thing, a random occurrence, or even life's questions. Not an awful lot of course, my brain is turned off for the most part during these slow hours, in an attempt to speed them up. Unfortunately I can't give an example of my usual mind's work, as I was to distracted by a pretty girl coworker. I'm only human. And a guy. And she was very cute.

This post doesn't at all seem to viable, looking back. But I will post it anyway, as a blog is supposed to be a log, and not every post is needed to be a masterpiece. As a perfectionist, this doesn't come all to easy. Normally I delete half of my work, deeming it UNWORTHY. But a blog is a blog, and unlike others (Damn you ASH) I shall update it! Perhaps in the future I will post an article I have been working on regarding RP and its position in WoW. We shall see.

Until then!

*rustle rustle*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the subject of HAI,

Welcome all to my public diary, on my own little corner of this circle called the internet. I am no good writer, nor do I aspire to be. My rantings cleverly disguised as viable entries are not likely to interest anyone for that matter. So who am I then? If to be classified as anything, I am a graphical artist, all-round critic, and amateur geek of World of Warcraft. I also dabble in the world of PERVERTS.

None of these descriptions would ever come close to my real nature, for I am actually a tree.


Enjoy my blog, and what it may become.